Nude dining takes place under the auspice of Ordover’s monthly meals, where, according to the New York Post  article, around 50 diners – whose motto is “no hot soup” – show up at specific ‘venues’ including the Mercantile Grill on Pearl Street and Pete’s Downtown in Brooklyn.

Non-sexual nudity in public dining and entertainment places is booming. According to the July 21, 2008 article titled, Clothing Optional Restaurants, Yoga Studios Where? NYC, “nude dining and yoga exercise are becoming the new rags within the clothing optional community.” There are plenty of photos of nude diners at that site. Also see the New York Post article of July 21, 2008 titled, The Naked City, by Adam Nichols.

Not only are there nude city restaurants, nude eateries inside yoga clubs, but there’s also a “midtown stand-up comedy joint,” according to the NY Post article titled, “The Naked City.” The article reports, “They’re served by regular restaurant staff – forced by city laws to keep their clothes on.”

According to another article, Nude dining in NYC – natural and healthy or kinky exhibitionism? published July 26, 2008, “There are 50 members of the Optional Diners club.”  This article also notes, “Their motto is ‘No Hot Soup.'” None of the restaurants they’ve approached to rent have turned them down, nor has wait staff batted an eye – which may be a telling commentary of their usual customers.

Then there’s the Naked Comedy Showcase, whose team of nude stand-up comics, male and female, perform a naked stand-up comedy show once a month at the People’s Improv Theater in Chelsea. For nude dining and comedy researchers, the NY Post article names the midtown Manhattan Yoga club where people show up to eat in the nude as well as work out the yoga exercises naked.

According to the Naked Comedy Showcase, site, it’s the creation of Andy Ofiesh, a stand-up comedian from Boston, Massachusetts. “For years Andy has organized hosted naked comedy shows featuring Boston area comics doing stand-up in the nude.”

Andy’s first naked comedy show in a public venue was at Improv Boston. He also played in the nude at the Edinburgh Fringe. “Encouraged by the success of the shows at Improv Boston and at The Fringe in Edinburgh, Andy organized an ongoing monthly naked comedy show at Improv Boston.”

Some people feel more natural without clothing. Psychologically, performing on stage in the nude in a comedy club or eating in the buff in front of clothed food servers are two ways of becoming more vulnerable to the lonely crowd when in public. Imagine how difficult it is to recruit stand-up comics to perform naked at a comedy club.

There’s a long history of people performing in the nude. But the new attraction is the audience arriving in the nude in a public setting to eat and to be entertained.

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