After a seemingly endless (OK, it was only 8 days) and not to mention record setting cold spell in South Florida, the beautiful warm weather is back. The first two weeks of January surprised many South Floridians who are used to day after day of sunny skies and average daily winter temperatures running between 75-80 degrees. Furthermore, while everyone north of this sub tropical paradise had little symapthy for local cries from thin skin native Floridians, the 8 days of temperatures dropping into the 30’s was so far below average that many of us were considering packing up and moving to Florida – untill we realized we were already here.

Needless to say, the bears (as well as the leather men, muscle boys, etc..) have come out of hibernation. The tourist season (among other things, if you know what we mean) is back in full swing and the forecast is sunny and warm from here on out…. Well at least for South Florida.

While the rest of the country is enjoying arctic winds, freezing temperatures and piles of dirty, dirty snow, sadly the coldest thing available in South Florida is a frozen Margarita on the beach. Just terrible isn’t it?

So, for those of you in the rest of the country who are suffering from cabin fever, it’s time to exchange your snow shoveling, sidewalk salting, windshield-ice-chipping-duties for a relaxing, rejuvenating, tropical getaway.

If you can make it down before the end of January, consider taking advantage of our weekday stay at The Cabanas Guesthouse and Spa with rates starting at only $119 per night. For more information, reservations or availability, call toll free (866) 564-7764 or (954) 564-7764.

We even checked flights from most major airports in all the cold areas and found prices as low as $180 round trip with little advance notification. Visit to find flights from your area.

If you’re planning a trip down after this month, now is the time to make your reservations. Rooms are booking fast at this premeir winter getaway and are expected to fill quickly.

The Cabanas sits on a secluded waterfront property in the Wilton Manors area of Fort Lauderdale. Famous for its private and friendly gay clothing-optional setting, The Cabanas offers unique hospitality and service that is unmatched in comparison to other gay mens resorts. Perfectly located between the Wilton Manors Strip and Fort Lauderdale Beach, there’s nothing that can’t be easily accessed. Dining, nightlife, shopping and more, Fort Lauderdale and Wilton Manors have everything and anything you need for a perfect winter getaway. If you’ve never stayed at The Cabanas, we’re confident that you’ll come as a visitor and return as a friend. Visit us at and take a tour, or CLICK HERE to make reservations now.