On Wednesday, Florida’s 3rd district court of appeals upheld a previous trial court ruling which states that Florida’s explicit ban on gay adoption is unconstitutional.

The appeals court struck down the state law which prohibits the adoption of children by gays and lesbians on the grounds that gay and lesbian citizens are afforded equal protection under law.

The ruling is considered a victory for Florida Gov.Charlie Crist who announced recently that the state would refrain from enforcing the ban. Crist said that he is very pleased with the ruling, although he was a supporter of the legislation earlier on in his career.

The spokesman for the Department of Children and Families Joe Follick stated “As of now, this decision does stand as the law in Florida, and we are currently not enforcing the ban.”

The Department of Children and Families has 30 days to decide on an appeal, “but we will make a decision sooner than that” said Follick.
It’s pleasing to finally be able to say that after 33 long years, the Florida Ban on gay adoption is finally headed for the history archives.  Overall, the ruling is a major win for gay and lesbian activists, gay and lesbian families and the GLBT rights movement in general.