As most of you know, South Florida is a huge destination among the gay population of the United States. Whether it’s a tropical vacation getaway, a new place to call home or a winter destination for retired snowbirds, greater South Florida is known as a gay mecca that ranks second only in comparison to San Francisco.  So what is it about the area that attracts so much of the gay population into one concentrated area?

1.) The Weather – as this could be said for people of any sexuality, the sub-tropical climate of South Florida offers temperatures and scenery unlike anywhere in the continental US. While we may occasionally endure some extra humidity throughout the summer, the constant ocean breeze makes it pleasant.  However, our peak fall and winter season can only be described as a gay tropical paradise, especially with the early frigid temperatures already encroaching on the north.  Let’s face it – nobody likes shoveling 2 feet of snow in our designer shoes to make it out of the driveway.

2.) The Beach – the beach is an obvious factor that contributes to the higher gay population.  Where else (besides the Ramrod Bar) can we show off our muscle-bound bodies and reminisce over last weeks’ gossip with good friends.

3.) The Food – South Florida is truly a melting pot of cultures and offers plenty of options for dining.  From sushi to pasta or from organic to vegetarian, there’s a wide range of cuisine to satisfy the tastes of even the pickiest eaters. Keep in mind after eating all that delicious food, there are plenty of gyms to work it off.

4.) Where the Boys Are:  There is a movie with that title that premiered here 50 years ago. The title has had the same passion but taken on a new meaning.  Making Fort Lauderdale their destination, the boys are definitely here and it’s hotter than ever.
5.) Shopping – From Boca to Wilton Drive to Miami’s Lincoln road and practically everywhere between, there’s more than enough places to spend gay shop in South Florida.  And smart deals for fashion conscious gays can be found everywhere when the economy is soft.  Even the boutiques on Worth Avenue are giving away their Pradas.  (Well, sort of )

6.) Sunglasses – OK, this is still shopping but they deserve to be mentioned because they’re a must. They look cool, sexy, sophisticated and there’s no better way to hide the bags under your eyes after a long weekend of partying. Being the Sunshine State, nobody will ever know your motive. Additionally, you can stare at things with your head slightly turned in the opposite direction, as to avoid looking like a creep.

7.) The Clubs – Of course all cities have their fair share of clubs, but South Florida is a hedonistic  heaven with an extensive variety of gay  venues that range from dancing all night, to cruising all not, to sexing all night (yes, there are plenty of those types of clubs). From mild to wild, formal to abnormal, there’s isn’t a better area to get your drink on. However, we’re still curious (and nobody knows for sure) if tran-sexuals qualify for free drinks on ladies night…..?

8.) Entertainment:  Big names like Kathy Griffin, Margaret Cho and Joan Rivers all love their gays and perform here regularly.  On the local scene you can find everything from Drag Dining and Cabaret clubs that even includes a Drag Gospel Sunday Brunch to, of course, male strip clubs that cater to your every whim.  But if you’re looking for the best entertainment into town, it can be found just strolling up and down Wilton Drive and people watching.

Wow! So there it is.. The facts behind what makes South Florida so popular with the gay population. Of course not all gays will fall into the above stereotypes or agree with the reasoning behind it, but hey at least we all can agree on one thing – Lady Gaga’s new song is hawwwwwwt!