I see naked people.

If you do, then either you’re at Haulover Beach or the Cabanas Guesthouse in Wilton Manors.

There’s a line from My Chauffeur, an old 80’s movie that goes like this, “If I see something I haven’t seen before, I’ll throw a rock at it.”  Good thing there are few rocks at either places.  If you’re uninhibited and don’t mind tanning your nether regions, this is your beach to commune intimately with Mother Nature or your resort to let it all hang freely.

So say you made it to the beach or lounging by the Cabanas’ pool and you’re taking in the rays as well as the scenery when something or somebody catches your eye.  What do you do?  It’s bound to happen, after all, let’s be honest, people visit clothing-optional places because they want to see people comfortably being naked and to see something pleasing.  But if you’re new to the world of naturists, here’s some helpful advice on how to gawk without being an obvious gawker:

Sunglasses:  If you go to any clothing-optional place, these are a must have.  Consider sunglasses camouflage for your eyes.  Perhaps you’re looking at the beautiful waves or maybe you’re admiring the beautiful Cabanas landscape or better yet you can’t stop staring at the hunk laying in front of you in all his glory. This is where your glasses come in handy.  If you act casual, no one will be the wiser to what you’re actually staring at.  Sure people may have an idea, but with your gaze hidden behind your glasses, you’re free to stare away.

Books and Magazines:  Prop up a magazine or book and while you’re “reading,” you can steal glances.  Position the book or magazine where your interest lie, then intermittently look up.  This way you won’t look like your blatantly staring but just taking a break from your reading. 

Cell Phone:  Ok, disclaimer here:  It’s extremely rude to take photos without the subject’s consent, so please be respectful of people’s privacy.  With that being said, you can use your cell phone camera like a telescope.  This may take some practice, but you can pretend to be texting or surfing the Internet, while strategically positioning the phone so your camera focuses on target.  Use your camera’s zoom, to get even a better view.

Friends:  Ask your friends to sit or lie down in the direction of your interest.  This way while you’re conversing and laughing it up, you can also admire the beauty from far away.  When you’ve seen enough, you can return the favor for your friend.

These are just some suggestions.  If you are discreet and not rude, most people don’t mind the visual adulation.  Just remember, as you’re staring at other people, they are staring at you too.  Being clothing-optional, you don’t have to go all centerfold naked, but why not give people something to stare at?  Plus think about all the money you’ll save, after all, birthday suits don’t cost you a dime.