One amenity that gay Fort Lauderdale’s Cabanas Guesthouse & Spa offers is the use of kayaks.

Kayaking is easy to learn, a challenging exercise and a social activity all rolled in to one.

To move the kayak at approximately 5mph requires about 0.1 hp of effort.  Basically, all that means is that you’re going to use up about 40 calories per hour.  Four hours of kayaking burns almost 1600 calories!

Paddling is a great way to incorporate every muscle in your upper body, and some lower body muscles, into one workout.  This allows you to tone almost every muscle in your body.

Beyond the physical benefits of kayaking, this is a stress relieving sport also.  Watching your own boat move by your own effort is relaxing and rewarding.  Some people believe that time outside in nature does a body good.  You don’t get much closer to nature than floating in the water under the sky.

The Cabanas does not charge its guests to use the kayaks and they also provide life preservers.

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