Who would have seen this coming-yes the two biggest “gay icons” and some strange tweet’s. It all started via Twitter as Cher tweeted “WTF is MDNA” from Cher. As Madonna’s fans explained it was name of her new album and a reference to the party drug MDMA better known as ecstasy.

Following up with a tweet Cher sarcastically says “How tasteful!”. Fans of Madonna weren’t exactly happy. Then asked if Cher liked Madonna, Cher tweeted, “I respect her ability! She’s a genius.” The Twittersphere continued to press the issue and prompting reconcilatory tweets from the “Believe” singer trying to smooth things out:

“Didn’t mean throw shade on Madge! she’s best at what she does! Called her bad once! Not nice! OK didn’t know MDNA shoot me I liv in cave”

“Doesnt ANY FKNG BODY CUT SLAK 4 FKNG MISTAKES ! It not like I CUT her Heart out with a SPOON!!!! Madge & I are cool! Thats enough 4 me!” Finnally Cher left followers a promise to sort it out.