Soldiers deployed in Afghanistan are reportedly utilizing Craigslist, an Internet site which offers want ads, personal ads, rooms for rent and more, to arrange casual sexual encounters on American military bases, often with other servicemen.

As a result, affiliates of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service based out of Afghanistan are now monitoring the activity of soldiers on various bases and even employing undercover agents to apprehend those who may be violating the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Miltary Men According to the MarineCorps Times, soldiers stationed throughout Afghanistan are using a Craigslist site “presumably left over from the U.S. war in Iraq” to find sexual partners on multiple major bases, including Kandahar Airfield, Bagram, Camp Leatherneck/Bastion, and Forward Operating Bases Ghazni and Salerno. Though some ads specifically state that the poster is looking for a female partner, the majority of users seem to be seeking sex with other men.

The article also reports that those posting ads in the “Casual Encounters” section of the site are not only troops, but officers as well.

Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, soliciting for sex “on community-oriented websites such as Craigslist” is not a punishable offense. However, “posting pornographic images on a public web or social media site is a chargeable offense,” according to Erin Stattel, a press officer for International Security Assistance Force headquarters.

Following the release of the MarineCorp Times article, UK’s conservative Daily Mail screen-capped and published a number of ads violating this aspect of the Uniform Code of Military Justice. While the images depicted are typical for sex-centered social networking sites, these type of ads are inevitably leaving soliders in hot water with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.