Tis true, Uber is no more in Broward County.  Friday marked the last day that Uber and Lyft would service the Broward area.

The two largest app-based ridesharing communities cited the county’s “onerous” and “outdated” regulations as the reason for the shut down.  Uber released a statement claiming that the regulations place an unnecessary and substantial amount of burden on the company and the driver-partners.

Broward County passed a law that requires all drivers to register as chauffeurs, submit their names and their fingerprints for a county-run background check.  Drivers also have to meet county criminal history standards.

In the last year alone, Uber drivers in the Broward County area have collectively taken home millions of dollars.  While Uber claims that the county is taking jobs away from citizens, the county Mayor says the county is trying to ensure consumer protection and maintain public safety.

In the event Uber or Lyft chooses to provide services anyway, the County is ready to unleash a 21-page lawsuit.

Many do not believe this will be the last of Uber or Lyft, and they’re probably right.  Riders have been extremely vocal about their dissatisfaction with the decision and have been signing petitions left and right.