Madonna Tops Forbes List of Highest Paid Musicians 2013

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Madonna’s hard work paid off this year and according to Forbes magazine, she made a total of $125 million in 2013 alone, landing her on the top spot of 2013’s “Highest Paid Musicians”! “The bulk of Madge’s millions this year came from the tail end of her MDNA Tour, which grossed $305 million,” explains Forbes. [...]

Mariah Carey Surprises Fans at LGBT Event

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Mariah Carey amazed a packed crowd at the Terminal 5 in New York when she made an unexpected appearance at Out Magazine’s annual Out 100 bash in honor of her friend, director Lee Daniels. The 43-year-old singer was presented at the event by the stars of “Looking”, a highly anticipated gay drama from HBO. When [...]

Change.Org: Make Carmen Carrera the First Trans VS Model

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Carmen Carrera, one of the most popular transgender beauties, says she is ready for Victoria’s Secret… if they will have her. Earlier this month, Marco Regalado started a petition on Change.org asking Victoria’s Secret to make Carrera the first transgender model for the famous lingerie bran! Regalado believes the 28-year-old “RuPaul’s Drag Race” contestant will [...]

Carrie Who?

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“Sex and the City” is one of those great shows which defined a generation and will continue to influence even more generations to come. For six seasons, Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte gave voice to women everywhere as they overcame heartache, work troubles, and even cancer, one Jimmy Choo at a time. It was so [...]

Tom Hardy to Play Sir Elton John

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Here’s a movie we’d pay to see: Sir Elton John’s story! Guess what… the gay icon will be played by one of the cutest faces and sexiest lips in the business because Tom Hardy has just been cast to play Elton in Rocketmandue to start production next fall. This film is in good hands as director Michael Gracey will be heading it [...]

Cory Booker to Conduct First Same-Sex Marriage in NJ

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Same sex couples in New Jersey could not contain their excitement as this coming weekend might be the last weekend of their singlehood! Same sex unions will be conducted in New Jersey at 12:01am on October 21 by none other than senator-elect Cory Booker! This coming Monday will mark the first day gay marriage will [...]

Rocky V co-star Pro Boxer dies at 44

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Tommy Morrison's career reached its pinnacle on a hot June night in Las Vegas, when he stepped into the ring and beat George Foreman to become heavyweight champion. It reached its nadir when he tested positive for HIV three years later. The last 20 years of the brash boxer's life would be defined by extensive [...]

Versace's Former SoBe Mansion files for Chapter 11

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If you're interested in owning a piece of fashion history and have some cash to spare, Casa Casuarina, Gianni Versace's former Miami mansion, is still on the market. According to The Wall Street Journal, Casa Casuarina LLC filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on July 1. The 9,000-square-foot 10-bedrooms 11-bathroom home, now being operated as a [...]

Happy Birthday Edith Massey!

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Well she never won an Academy Award or a Golden Globe but came close several times, we just want to wish Edith Massey a Happy Birthday. Edith turned down the role in Kramer vs. Kramer that Meryl Streep later picked up as well as On Golden Pond that Katherine Hepburn took in search of far [...]

Charles Barkley supports Jason Collins on ESPN

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Charles Barkley has once again shown amazing support for gays by his support for Jason Collins after the 12-year NBA veteran came out as gay in a first-person article in Sports Illustrated. "I think it's a huge deal," Barkley said on Monday night during TNT's "Inside The NBA. "I'm excited for Jason." Barkley, who has previously stated that [...]

Anderson Cooper: Being Gay is a Blessing

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Anderson Cooper said that "being gay is a blessing" and he "couldn't be more proud" of his sexuality in an exclusive chat with HuffPost Gay Voices Editor-at-Large Michelangelo Signorile. The award-winning CNN anchor, 45, joined Signorile's SiriusXM OutQ program from Rome, where he is covering the Vatican conclave. In what was deemed as Cooper's only [...]

Beyonce Brings Down the House @ Super Bowl

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Well after just coming off a Presidential performance where she took some flack for lip syncing Beyonce came back in full force.For some, Beyonce's Super Bowl halftime show was to be the Big Game's finest moment. But for all who tuned in to see the singer perform, it's clear she brought her A game. Beyonce [...]

2012 the year of Honey Boo Boo

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In a sick and tragic way 2012 will be the year of Honey Boo Boo. Yes I know what your thinking...please don't have us encourage this train wreck of a show. But admit it most of you have at least tuned in once (if not more) to witness this vulgar and repulsive family and their [...]