Twinks and Gym Bunnies love Bears also!

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Well it's summer time and of course that means Bears are on the prowl. However that also means Bear Hunters are out. You do not have look that far to realize that Bears are all the rage now - and that they are sought after all walks of gay men (muscle boys, twinks, otters,  cubs, [...]

Meet Jonah Mowry

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The latest anti-bullying video to go viral is a truly inspiration vid by a young man named Jonah Mowry.  If you haven't already seen this video take a second and watch.  If you have seen this video it's definitely worth watching again.  Share this video, show it to you friends and post it everywhere you [...]

Lance Bass, What Have You Done?

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I'm still confused as to whether this is a parody, or if it's serious.  Lance Bass would like to introduce you to his latest project called Heart2Heart.  Yes, it's a boy band and, yes, they are wearing more makeup than I am. There's no way this is serious.  Check out the video and make your own [...]

Beat Boxer Extraordinaire

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Check out this incredible clip of a guy named Mike Tompkins who beat boxes his way through Adele's hit sing, "Rolling In The Deep." He recreates this song, and many others, using only his voice.  Yes, that's right...There are NO instruments involved.  This is truly amazing to watch.  Mike breaks it down at the end [...]

Modern Family

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If you haven't watched or heard about it, you really don't know what your missing. The ABC show "Modern Family"  had more than a few people falling over laughing, and that was only during the season premier. The hilarious comedy features Ed O'Neill (best known as AL from "Married With Children") as the aging father to two middle-aged children and their [...]

Susan Boyle appears at the Cabanas….

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Ok, well of course she has no time for us now that she is uber popular, but she is here in our hearts. Our reaction at the Cabanas Guesthouse and Spa in Gay Fort Lauderdale was pretty much as you might expect when we saw Susan for the first time. Our jaws dropped and we [...]

Gay Fort Lauderdale Videos

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A collection of videos on Gay Fort Lauderdale Presented by: The Cabanas Guesthouse The Gay Side of Fort Lauderdale Beach Gay Fort Lauderdale Shopping & Dinning, Fort Lauderdale - PINK PLANET [BroadbandTV] Gay Fort Lauderdale Night Fun, Fort Lauderdale, FL - PINK PLANET [BroadbandTV] Gay Fort Lauderdale Models, Fort Lauderdale, FL - PINK PLANET [BroadbandTV] [...]

Gay Wilton Manors Videos

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A collection of videos on Gay Wilton Manors Presented by: The Cabanas Guesthouse Wilton Manors Gay Pride: June 2008 Wilton Manors - The GAYest City in Florida Wilton Manors At Java Boys Gelato Station in Wilton Manors showcasing durkART Creations Sidelines Sports Bar Celebrates Stonewall with Wilton Manors Fort Lauderdale Gay Pride 2008 - 1 [...]